Accentuating The Result-Oriented Approach As Our Main Philosophy

7 Metrics To Analyzing Digital Marketing Data

Site Traffic

Measuring site traffic too, is of utmost importance to determine whether your company is on the right path, and whether your marketing plan is executed in such ways that assist you in expanding your brand. This metric furthermore brings together appropriate data from your website visitors which will then be utilized to raise awareness, pinpoint future targeted market, and enhance buyer personas overtime.

Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)

ROI may seem familiar to some but its functionality limits solely to advertisements. ROAS on the other hand measures the amount of budget allocated to advertisements compared to the amount of money acquired on sales in direct linkage to advertisements. Practically speaking, it is of paramount fundamental to generate more than you spent on ads and ROAS is here to monitor whether you achieve that balance.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rate denotes the percentage of visitors to the particular website of whom took a desired action that is deemed beneficial to your business. High conversion rates typically refer to the success of your marketing campaign thus a metric you are obliged to take into account.

I Seek Groundbreaking Web Design

Due to the rapid evolution of digital technology, our life has subsequently gone digital. Hence, your company must not fall behind, and we are here to help. We aim to curate web design that best matches the personality of your company to create a positive first impression and brand identity.

I’m Looking To Generate Traffic

Producing material that is sufficiently eye-catching in order to attract the attention of target markets is a two-step process. At Republic, we do both at the same time. We attempt to curate information that will improve the user’s experience and encourage them to return.

I Demand More Conversions

We strive to strike a balance between producing high-quality traffic and converting it into sales. In essence, traffic is meaningless unless it is being used in ways that allow your company to grow. This is where we place ourselves in order to grab the buyer’s journey.

I Entail Loyalty Amongst My Buyers

Regular purchasers must be preserved in order to maintain continuity in any business, and their online experience should improve with each return. At Republic, we will work with you to create a platform that encourages customers to return beyond their initial purchase and focuses on true revenue growth.

How Digital Marketing Is Just The Knight In Shining Armor Your Business Required To Reach Its Peak

Technology Has Since Advanced At Such Unprecedented Rate

Our physique and mind have long adapted to relying on technology extensively though it has somewhat distorted the ways certain things should be done naturally. To illustrate, notwithstanding the motive behind the very inventions of communication technology, as its terminology suggests, is to increase the quality of human interaction whilst combating geographical barriers, it has subsequently led to poorer social life amongst individuals of whom are situated side by side. While it sounds pretty much unwished-for, it is what it is now.

Having to align with this technology-oriented society, businesses are given new focus on which is to have their venture digitalized. Though remaining conventional does no harm, digital marketing is proven to be better in reaching businesses out to a wider audience rather than the existing ones; thus an expansion in presence and exposure. While it accentuates on adopting the latest practice in modern-day marketing, you will notice your website traffic to skyrocket in ways that go beyond your expectation.

Essential For Marketing Towards The Younger Community

The younger generations are known across their senior counterparts as holding immense buying power hence most targeted by businesses today. To have your brand cross paths with them, it is utmost brilliant for you to get your venture digitized as quickly as possible because chances are that many similar businesses have long taken that attempt, maximizing their effort to attain sublime impression amongst this particular market.

The fundamental to gaining acceptance from your niche is by resonating with them as though you are generating topics to interact with your fellow companions. Make them your friend before making them your clients to nurture much sturdier and meaningful bonds.

The Spectrum Of Marketing Is Ever-Changing

While many aspects of our lives have since taken their own turning points respectively, the same state of affair is applicable to that of marketing. Rather than being product-oriented like how it was operated earlier on, marketers today emphasizes on the precise sake of customers.

In the present day, marketers are no longer blindly inducing call-to-action amongst their intended buyers, and anticipate their consistent purchase; on the contrary, the sole focus is placed on the very interest of buyers, answering questions like : How would they perceive our range of products or services?, What kind of content do they find engrossing to engage with? Why would they prefer a particular brand over another?, etc. Digital marketing thereby allows marketers to effectively and efficiently cater to the exact market of their intent through pioneering solutions and software’s far different from the conventional methods.

A Passion-Driven Malaysian Digital Marketing Agency
Endeavoring To Elevate Business Growth

Website Design

Forging a good first impression is crucial, yet not the easiest of tasks to accomplish ever. Lucky for you, our team of designers are equipped with the right amount of expertise to assist your venture in curating websites with interface user-friendly and responsive enough to get your message across; along with streamline sites that best boost your SERPs’ ranking.

Ecommerce Website Design

We design and manage commanding ecommerce platforms in accordance with your holy grail whether it is to set up a brand new venture or to simply enhance sales, whilst guiding you down the path of modern-day shopping.


Crafting a company logo with ample ideality not only speaks volume about your brand but also distinguishes you from the crowd alongside eye-catching colour schemes, product packaging and other correlating elements joined forces to work wonders.


Our Copywriters of whom are equipped with excellent writing skills combine their efforts and expertise to craft written materials with language and tone that can best captivate your niche.


When thousands and millions of brands compete at their will to rank higher in Google’s search engine, Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate backbone to achieving desirable online presence, having your sales skyrocket to the hilt.


Presuming youngsters as your primary audience whom you strive to generate resonance with, commercial photography is one major aspect you need not overlook. We assist you in capturing compelling visual content that pleases visual enthusiasts and eventually attain marketing goals.

Video Production

The majority favour video over extensive description when it comes to learning about a product or service. Our video production team is just the helping hand you entail from pre-production to post-production where all components integrate to ensure the end product does its job to sell.

Social Media

Businesses can benefit greatly from social media, but there are several channels vying for your attention. We don’t simply focus on one or two social media platforms; we create the necessary content that incorporates your company’s strategy across all important social platforms. All of this is done with the goal of improving the user’s attention to your brand and preserving your brand’s identity.

Digital Marketing Advertising

Our digital marketing ads are carefully prepared to enhance both sales conversions and prospective customers for your company. We devote a significant amount of effort in learning about our customers’ performance metrics to develop clever digital strategies, so the market share in the digital realm could be maximised. All of this points to a rise in quality clients.


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Notwithstanding our obligation in guiding our clients down the right path of digital marketing, we strive to cultivate a jovial environment where we join forces with our clients to curate 360° marketing solutions to make sure all strategies are aligned with your utmost precise needs and demands, by emphasizing on effective communication and constant revision.

We may be relatively small in scale but that does not hinder our capability in any way possible. Our passion and great experience obtained throughout our establishment in this precise field of interest stimulates our morale and productivity to deliver projects on-par with our clients’ expectation, and most importantly within the given budget and timeframe.

We spare no effort to be in the front of the queue with the latest technology and practices just to provide our clients with not “good” but top-notch services for them to reach the top of their game as well.

We give a lot of thought to the clients we attend to and the services we provide. It’s based on a set of unwavering brand ideals that influence all we do. With you seeking our service, we will do our best to cater to your every marketing needs. It is why we value human-centred design, teamwork, and sweating the small stuff so we can uncover new methods to think in different ways, innovate, and operate.

Whatever services you may desire are all on our list of services, from designing your marketing needs to advertising them in the digital world. Here, at Republic, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency. Website design, ecommerce, branding, SEO, copywriting, photography, and video creation are just a few of the services we do.

To guarantee that our clients receive only excellent care, we have a customer service team ensuring that our prospective and existing customers are kept in the loop. This team may be reached at any time with questions about our services and packages, to discuss new projects, or to inquire about the progress of a current project. At Republic, our top goal is to meet your marketing needs and requirements.